Welcome to Grade 5 and 6!

I’m excited to be your child’s grade 5 and 6 teacher this year. Please read over the following information regarding our class:

  1. Mrs. Mali’s regular program Grade 5 class will be joining our class for Math, Science, Social, Language Arts and Band. The Ukrainian Bilingual Grade 6 class will be joining Mrs. Mali’s Grade 6 class for Math, Science, Social, Language Arts and Band.
  2. The Grade 5/6 UB class will be joining Ms. Gaebalhaus’ Grade 6 class for Gym.
  3. The Grade 5/6 UB class will be with Panna Lichak for Ukrainian Language and Culture classes, French and Art.
  4. Every day your child will use their agenda to write down information and reminders. It is important that your child brings you this agenda every school night and that you initial the agenda in the indicated place. I will be checking agendas every morning.
  5. Library is scheduled every Monday. Please ensure your child has returned all their books to ensure they can sign out new books.
  6. Scholastic book order forms are handed out monthly. If you are interested in ordering books please return the form to the school with a cheque made payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd or pay online. Please do not send cash.
  7. Throughout the year, students will participate in incentives for good behavior, completing at home reading, keeping their area neat, demonstrating Leader in Me qualities, etc. There will be rewards such as treats, prizes, a movie/popcorn party, free time, etc. NOTE: If you do not want your child to receive treats or has any food sensitivities, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  8. As a school initiative, we kindly ask that you do not send any snacks or lunch items that may contain traces of nuts as it could be very dangerous for students with allergies. For birthdays, class parties, etc, you are more than welcome to send snacks for the class. However, please make sure that they are nut-free so that all students may enjoy them.
  9. I will be posting links to resources and information on this website throughout the year.

In an effort to provide a positive classroom environment, I have started to have students write their “behaviour colour” in their agendas. This should make the students more aware of their behaviour and how it is affecting their learning and that of the students around them.

Some of the misbehaviours include:

  • Interrupting while the teacher is providing instruction
  • Talking to classmates during silent working time or while the teacher is talking
  • Failing to raise their hand to answer questions
  • Breaking various school rules such as running in the hallway

If they exhibit these behaviours during class, their name gets added to our class Behaviour Log. If the misbehaviour continue, they gain checkmarks for each additional misbehaviour I see during the day. Once they reach three misbehaviours they will be sent to another classroom to complete their work. Once they reach four misbehaviours they will be sent to the office.

At the end of the day, the students write their behaviour colour in their agendas based on their behaviour during the day. The colours have the meanings below:

  • Green – My name wasn’t in the Behaviour Log.
  • Yellow – My name was in the Behaviour Log.
  • Orange – My name was in the Log and I was sent to another classroom.
  • Red – I was sent to the office.

I will also be communicating with parents via the remind app. Please see the link here on how to set it up and contact me for the class code.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. You can email me at melanie.lichak@eips.ca. You can reach me at the school’s phone number. I am always happy to talk to the families of my students. You are the most important people in our students’ lives, and I look forward to working together to make sure your child has everything he or she needs to be successful this year.